Tablet / Iphone Repairs

Accidents happen and when it is with your  smartphone or tablet, it can mean loss of business and connectivity .It also means finding a means to get the problem fixed to be able to continue with all your phone/ tablet related activities.

Do not worry Multitrade has a solution to your phone or tablet related issues. Let it be a cracked screen, dead battery, touch not working or you accidentally drop it in water. all you need to do is call us and we will fix your phone or tablet in no time.

Some very common and frequently occuring phone / tablet issues

wet phone beverage spilt cracked screen broken phone microphone iisues
Dropped in water Spiiled Tea/Coffee/ Juice etc Cracked Screen

Broken Phone / Tablet

Mic not working
battery issues touch not working phone dead charging point issues speaker not working
Battery issues Touch not working Dead Phone / Tablet Charging point faulty Speaker is malfunctioning